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Higher Education Business Classification Scheme and Records Retention Schedules

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The function of undertaking academic research. (N1)






This function is intended to cover the conduct of all academic research, whether its is funded by the institution itself or by external organisations, or by both. It is also intended to cover research undertaken in collaboration with other institutions.


Research Project Management

The activities involved in managing the conduct of research projects from formal initiation (following receipt of funding) to formal completion.


Activities include: monitoring and tracking the progress of research; preparing reports for project stakeholders; arranging appropriate insurance; managing project resources and complying with institutional policies and procedures to protect project staff, participants and the environment; facilitating and assisting with monitoring activities and audits conducted by the institution, by external project sponsors/funders or by regulatory bodies; selecting research partners and subcontractors, and managing relationships with them; managing the process of offering research data to, and depositing it with, external research data archives, and ensuring future compliance with the terms and conditions of deposit.


For recruiting research students, use STUDENT ADMINISTRATION - STUDENT RECRUITMENT.

For managing research staff, use the relevant categories in HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT.

For purchasing equipment and consumables, use the relevant categories in PROCUREMENT.

For negotiating and establishing contracts/agreements, use LEGAL AFFAIRS - CONTRACTS & AGREEMENTS.

For arranging insurance, use the relevant categories in INSURANCE MANAGEMENT.

For calibrating and maintaining equipment, use the relevant categories in EQUIPMENT & CONSUMABLES MANAGEMENT.

For identifying and protecting new intellectual property, use the relevant categories in INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IPR) MANAGEMENT.

For disposing of waste materials, use ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT - WASTE MANAGEMENT.

For dealing with hazardous materials and other health and safety issues, use the relevant categories in HEALTH & SAFETY MANAGEMENT.



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