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Higher Education Business Classification Scheme and Records Retention Schedules

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The function of providing the [commercial service] (D1). (N1) (N2)



For contract research services, use RESEARCH.

For consultancy services, use CONSULTANCY.



Commercial service means a service which is provided in exchange for income. Users/customers of the service may be institutional staff or students, the public or external organisations.



This is a generic business classification scheme for the function of providing a commercial service. It is a framework which can be customised to produce a specific business classification scheme for any type of commercial service which the institution provides.

Commercial services provided by HEIs include: catering services; childcare services; conference services; graphic design services; holiday accommodation services; laboratory testing/analysis services; leisure services; library and information services; media production services; photographic services; printing services; retail services.

Identifying and defining all the activities involved in delivering all the possible services that an institution could provide is outside the scope of this Business Classification Scheme.


This function is intended to cover only the substantive (i.e. 'core business') aspects of providing a commercial service. A business unit which provides a commercial service will also undertake functions which appear elsewhere in this business classification scheme (e.g. Finance Management).



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