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Higher Education Business Classification Scheme and Records Retention Schedules

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The function of providing consultancy (D1) to external organisations on a commercial basis. (N1) (N2)





Consultancy means the provision of expert advice to external organisations by institutional staff. It excludes: work which is generally considered as part of normal academic duties (e.g. external examining work for other institutions, service on RAE panels); private consultancy work undertaken by institutional staff (i.e. external paid work which is carried out with the knowledge and approval of the institution but which makes no demands on the institution and for which the institution claims, and has, no liability or responsibility).



This function is intended to cover the provision of all consultancy, regardless of its nature (e.g. advice, training, product development, expert witness services) and how it is provided.


This function is intended to cover consultancy which is provided directly by the institution. Where consultancy is carried out through a related company, use the relevant categories within the Function for the company (or add a Function for the company using the framework provided in RELATED COMPANIES). The functions and activities of individual related companies are outside the scope of this Business Classification Scheme but the activities involved in providing consultancy will be similar to those outlined here.


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